Contact Mobile Pregnancy Massage in Norfolk

When the idea of launching ‘In Touch’, first came to me, there was one thing I knew about how I wanted to offer my services and that was that I wanted to work as a mobile therapist. With years of experience in midwifery and health visiting, home visiting is what do!

I understand and know the reality of how difficult it can be for pregnant women and new mums to get out of the door to appointments on time, and I did not want this to be a barrier to my services. As a mum myself I remember the stress of trying to get out of the door to meet appointment times, whether that be during pregnancy with unexpected symptoms rearing their head at the most inconvenient times, or in the early days with a new baby who has an ever changing routine, and even later on with juggling nursery /school runs and everything that you need to fit into those precious few hours! With stress being one of the things that massage can be excellent at reducing, I didn’t want my services to induce any stress for my clients.

Another key element of my service is supporting the bond with your baby from before they are born and I believe that this can be so much better achieved in the home environment.

My aim with In Touch is to offer a high quality, safe and effective treatments to the mums and mums-to-be. I endeavour to make pregnancy massage, postnatal massage and massage for wellbeing, accessible, convenient and flexible for everyone living in Norwich, Norfolk Broadland and South Norfolk (and further afield on request!)

I love the look on my client’s faces after their massage treatment, when they are feeling all relaxed and floaty, and I love that I can leave you at home, perhaps bundled up on the sofa with a drink, rather than sending you off to get back in the car and start rushing around again. You can really take the time to relax and enjoy the benefits of your massage treatment when it is completed at home.

Being a mobile massage therapist is not an easy option. Each 1 hour treatment takes roughly 2 hours of my time, with preparation, travel, setting up and packing away, so this is reflected in my prices being a bit higher than if you were to book with a massage therapist that has their own base. Although that may be appealing, I truly believe that my clients get the best out of their treatments when they are in their own home, where the relaxation experience can be taken to a deeper level, so I will ALWAYS offer mobile treatments.

One thing I need to consider with offering mobile services is the logistics of getting my equipment to your home. That is why I ask all new clients to book a quick consultation before their first treatment, I just need to check about where I can park and any access issues. My massage couch is easy for me to transport short distances but I would struggle if I have to park a long way away or get up lots of steps! It’s also nice to see each other before I come knocking on your door! If you have any questions, book a free consultation for your pregnancy, postnatal or wellbeing massage in Norfolk and we can chat things through 😊


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