In Touch Postnatal massage

As new mum, your body is likely to crave a little TLC. A postnatal massage at home is a wonderful way to soothe and nurture your body after experiencing the demands of pregnancy, birth and now caring for a new baby. In Touch brings the treatment room to your door, so having a massage as a new mum in Norfolk is accessible and realistic.

Don’t worry about getting up, ready and out of the door for an appointment time, let me come to you, and I won’t bat an eyelid if you answer the door in your pyjamas!

Massage during the postnatal period is particularly beneficial for:

Soothing tired or tense muscles after birth and caring for a newborn

Hormone balancing


Helping to improve mood and sleep

Improving overall postnatal wellbeing

*Suitable from birth – 6 months postnatal. Young, non-mobile, babies are welcome to snuggle in with you during your massage, the massage can be adapted around you and your baby.

Please allow an additional 10 minutes either side to allow for set up, pack away, discussion and aftercare.


From £68

postnatal massage at home

Postnatal massage may seem like a relatively new concept here in the UK, however, in many countries around the world, it is the norm, with the new mother receiving massage within hours after birth and daily after that. Giving birth is a humongous task for our body to undertake, and therefore a little TLC in the postnatal period is really important. I am so pleased to be able to offer postnatal massage in Norfolk to all you deserving mums; lets add some relaxation and calm in the whirlwind of life with a newborn.

After birth, the body is on a huge journey of recovery and adaptation, but finding time for rest and recovery is not always easy when caring for a newborn. By booking an ‘In Touch’ postnatal massage, we will work together to ensure that you get the time to prioritise your postnatal recovery, without having to leave the house. Postnatal massage is suitable any time after birth and can be adapted to your individual recovery journey. Need help deciding which massage to book? Take the quiz.

Choose from:

Rest & Nest

A tailored 45-60 minute postnatal massage featuring slow, nurturing moves to calm and soothe new mums. This massage provides the opportunity to get ‘in touch’ with yourself during this transformational time, addressing your needs for both physical relief and emotional well-being.  

Postnatal Glow

The perfect option for those seeking relaxation without the full-body experience. Featuring an upper back and shoulder massage, a rejuvenating facial massage (known as the natural facelift), and a stress busting Indian head massage. Designed to leave you feeling relaxed and glowing on the inside and outside. 

Each postnatal massage treatment will be adapted to your individual scenario and I will make sure that you are comfortable at all times. If baby is sleeping or being cared for by someone else, we can complete a full body restorative massage (if suitable). If baby needs Mummy, the treatment can be adapted so that you can hold baby, it is really lovely for them to be close to you so that they can pick up on the calm vibes too. An Indian head massage is lovely in this scenario, it can target tension often held by new mums around the upper back, shoulders, neck and head from all the holding, comforting and feeding baby. You can read more about how I can adapt postnatal massage to suit you on my blog pages.

A postnatal massage makes a wonderful gift for a new mum living in Norwich, Norfolk Broadland or South Norfolk (other areas also available on request).