In Touch Women’s wellbeing Massage

In Touch mobile massages for women’s wellbeing are designed to untangle, de-stress and revitalise busy women in Norfolk. An In Touch massage offers you an accessible and realistic way of fitting in some time for yourself by bringing the treatment room to your door, offering you a choice of wonderfully relaxing massage treatments which can do wonders for your wellbeing.

Choose from 45, 60, 75 or 90 minute treatments. Need help deciding which massage to book? Take the quiz.

Please allow 10 minutes either side for set up, pack away, discussion and aftercare.


From £68

relaxation massage, Indian head massage

Women of Norfolk, I know life is busy, and I know there can be a lot of strain on your body from rushing around, caring for and playing with your little (or not so little) ones. I recognise that people with caring responsibilities, particularly those with young children, often find it difficult to find and take time for themselves, and often struggle with the logistics of getting appointments to fit with childcare commitments. That is where In Touch can help, I can visit during those precious hours between the school and nursery runs or in your lunch break at work. Regular massages play an important role in self-care and wellbeing.

I am pleased to be able to off a selection of massage treatments particularly well suited to women’s wellbeing. Massage is a powerful tool for those looking to unwind, untangle and de-stress.

Treatment options:


Indulge in a wonderfully relaxing full body massage. Gentle strokes and firm kneading from top to toe, to ease tension and promote a sense of wellbeing. Ideal when you need a moment to unwind, recharge and mellow out. 


The perfect option for those seeking relaxation without the full-body experience. Starting with a back, neck & shoulder massage, followed by a rejuvenating facial massage (known as the natural facelift), and completed with a stress busting Indian head massage. With optional frankincense facial balm and argan oil hair treatments for the ultimate pampering experience. Designed to leave you feeling relaxed and glowing on the inside and outside. 


Feel the tension melt away with a tailored massage session featuring deep tissue techniques blended with soothing strokes to offer an experience which is therapeutic yet relaxing. Select specific areas that require soothing & untangling and emerge feeling restored and ready to tackle anything.