In many countries around the world, massage in the postnatal period is the norm. The new mother will receive massage within hours of birth and daily after that, with the knowledge that their body has just completed the humongous task of birthing a baby and is more than likely in need of a little TLC. Here in the UK, it is not such a common practice but I wish it was and I am here to help you new mums in Norfolk!

Massage during the postnatal period is wonderful for soothing the body after birth, for relieving any tension held from the birth and caring for baby, for hormone balancing, for relaxing or energising.  

There are a few things that will determine how I complete your postnatal massage in Norfolk, it will be totally tailored to your needs on the day and completed with my midwifery knowledge of the recovering body during the postnatal period.


The biggest consideration for how your massage will be performed on the day is baby. Will baby be with you or someone else? Will they be sleeping, feeding or needing a cuddle with mummy? Any scenario is fine by me, remember I have been working with newborns for over a decade (closer to 2!) and am used to adapting my work around baby’s needs. In terms of your massage experience, we may have to change position or work on different body areas if baby needs to be snuggled or fed. An Indian head massage is a fantastic option in this scenario as it can easily be done with you sitting holding baby in your arms, and is brilliant at relieving tension so often held by new mums in the upper back, neck and shoulders.  


Depending on how your baby was born and how far into your recovery you are, will influence how comfortable you would be lying face down on my massage table. For abdominal births, this is likely to be quite a few weeks. That’s no problem though, you could lie on your side like you did for pregnancy massage, or you could choose to lie face up, or sit up, for an Indian head/ arm and hand / leg and foot massage. All lovely and all great for promoting postnatal wellbeing.  


Again, thinking about lying face down, would this be comfortable for your boobs? If you are breastfeeding they may feel full or sensitive so we will consider adding some extra bolsters or trying alternative positions. Whatever position you are in, you might want to keep your bra on in case of leakage, one with a clasp at the back would be easiest for me to be able to access your full back during the massage.  

I hope that makes everything clear but if you do have any more questions about booking your postnatal massage in Norwich, Norfolk Broadland and South Norfolk, then I’m happy to answer them, just get in touch or book a free consultation 😊 


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