birth comb

Thank you for buying your In Touch acupressure comb. This handy little comb can provide natural pain relief during labour and birth, wherever and however you birth your baby. It works by stimulating the pericardium 8 acupressure point (also known as Labour Palace) which is thought to encourage labour and reduce labour pain. But that’s not all, by consciously gripping the comb you are asking your brain to concentrate on the sensation in your hand, providing a distraction which is thought to reduce the pain perception of labour and birth…. cool huh? A birth comb is completely compatible with all other options for pain relief, so there is no need to stop using it if you choose to get in the pool or have an epidural.

So now you have your acupressure comb, how do you use it?

For use during labour:

  • Firstly identify the pericardium 8 acupressure point in your palm by making your hand into a fist, the point lies where the tip of your middle finger meets your palm.
  • Hold the acupressure comb with the teeth side pressing against the skin.
  • Apply pressure gently but firmly during a contraction by gripping the comb in your hand. The pressure should be strong enough to stimulate the point but not to cause pain.
  • Take breaks between each session. You can repeat the process as many times as needed, alternating hands each time.
  • Follow your instincts, gradually increase the pressure, or pulse with your grip, whichever feels good.

To enhance the comb’s effectiveness during birth:

  • Combine squeezing the acupressure comb with deep and rhythmic breathing.
  • Focus on the image on the comb as you squeeze it. Visualise your baby as you go through this journey together and prepare to meet each other soon.
  • Repeat this mantra “I am in touch with my body and my baby”.

More uses

This handy little comb is also great to use for any other procedures or times of anxiety, squeeze it during injections, blood tests, for afterpains, trips to the dentist etc. Its also a super pretty comb so you could always use it to brush your little one’s hair…. now there’s an image to conjure in the throws of giving birth….it will all be worth it ūüôā

I wish you a positive and empowering birth experience. I hope you love your comb and it serves you well. As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch.


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