People often wonder what they should wear for a massage, it can be confusing with so many different types and style of massage available to know what is expected. Your massage therapist should talk this through with you before your treatment… let’s explore this common question now.

For any In Touch massage, you undress to your level of comfort. Its helps if you remove any jewellery. I can work through light clothing for massages such as Indian head, but if you have booked a full body pregnancy, postnatal or relaxation massage, it’s best if you undress down to your underwear (although please always keep your knickers on!) If you would like to keep a bra on for comfort, please do, pregnant or breastfeeding mums in particular might feel more comfortable having that bit of extra support. Please be aware that if you are having a back massage and want to keep your bra on, one with a clasp is best so that I can un-clip the bra to be able to massage your full back, I’ll then do it back up before moving onto the next body part.  

Once I have got all the equipment set up and ready for you I will leave the room briefly in order for you to get undressed and comfortable on the massage couch. You will have soft towels covering you at all times during your massage, to protect your modesty and keep you warm and comfortable. I only uncover the part of your body that I am working on.

After the massage I will leave you covered with towels on the massage couch while I step out of the room and give you a few minutes privacy to get up and dressed. It’s nice if you can get back into something comfy so you can continue to bask in your post massage glow.

The beauty of booking a massage at home is that you don’t have to get dressed to go out to an appointment, only to get undressed again. Now, I’m not saying that you should answer the door to me in just your underwear, but I am saying that I won’t bat an eyelid if your answer the door in your PJs or dressing gown!

Warning: Your hair and make-up may look a little dishevelled after your massage….. another nice reason to be at home where you have everything to hand if you need to rectify this…… no rush though, it’ll be me heading out of the door after your massage, not you!

If you have any questions about booking your at home pregnancy, postnatal or relaxation massage in Norwich and Norfolk, please get in touch on the contact page, or book a FREE initial consultation.


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