I think you all know by now that I am passionate about using natural hacks to help support you during pregnancy and birth…. well, here is another one….

Have you ever noticed how a smell can conjure a memory? A certain perfume may remind you of a special holiday or cake baking in the oven may remind you of sleepover’s at your grandma’s house when you were young. This phenomenon is known as emotional recall and we can use it as a birth hack. Here’s how:

Create positive associations during your pregnancy

By pairing a particular fragrance with a positive experience, such as relaxation during a massage or comfort and safety when unwinding at home, you can train your brain to associate that scent with positive emotions. Over time, encountering the same fragrance can induce a sense of calm.

In Touch : moments wax melts are made with pregnancy friendly essential oils that when inhaled, can induce a feeling of calm. Melt them regularly at home during your pregnancy to enjoy a beautifully scented home and create positive associations with the smell.

Scent anchors for birth

Scent anchors can really help in creating a positive mindset as well as a comforting environment for childbirth. A familiar and soothing fragrance can act as a reassuring constant during moments of intensity, providing a sense of safety and familiarity.

Melt your aromatherapy wax melts at home during the early stages of labour, the properties of the essential oils will help to create a calm environment. If you travel away from home to give birth, pop a couple of wax melts into a container or small bag, and take them with you. Once you’re settled, hold the container or bag close to you to inhale the comforting aroma (no need to melt them they smell great cold too!). Close your eyes as you breathe in the familiar scent and transport yourself to your safe place. The safer and more in control you feel during birth, the easier it will be for your body to release endorphins which act as natural painkillers, and oxytocin, the hormone essential for birth.

So, these little aromatherapy wax melts not only make your home smell lovely and help you to feel calm, but also can be used as your a secret weapon for enhancing your birth experience.

Remember, massage clients can buy In Touch : moments aromatherapy wax melts at a discounted price, just let me know if you’d like me to bring any along to your appointment 🙂


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